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Victoria’s bra mishap

Oops, a nip slipSultry babe Victoria gave us some much needed nudity when she let slip a nip as she got undressed.

After the devastating exit of the beautiful Brittany, our hopes now rest with Victoria to provide us with some naked moments. Nudity has been disappointingly scarce this season, but hopefully Victoria can redress the balance in the next few weeks.

Victoria exposes her breast accidentally

Victoria naked in the Big Brother houseOh dear. As Victoria readjusts her towel after her shower, she inadvertently reveals her tanned right tit for a brief moment. The video clip is much, much better, watch it here.

Victoria’s accidental pussy flash [VIDEO]

Now this is an interesting one. As Victoria adjusts her bikini bottoms in the bathroom, she inadvertently lowers them a little too much and for a brief moment do we see a pussy flash? Watch and decide for yourselves.

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Victoria looking good in just her underwear

Victoria scantily clad in the bedroomSo far sexy minx Victoria has managed to avoid revealing her private parts, but hopefully that will change soon.

In the meantime, here’s a hot screen grab from the live feeds of her undressing, wearing just her bra and panties. Check out that lovely ass.

Victoria shows sexy cleavage and panties [VIDEO]

Wow, what a hot lady! Check out Victoria’s boobs almost bouncing out of her top as she bends down to take off her pants, and how close was she to losing her underwear too?!

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