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Chelsia and Natalie have a topless fight

Chelsia and Natalie nude in the poolThe two sexiest ladies in the show have a joust on the shoulders of the guys as they lark about in the pool with their tops off, their breasts swinging and swaying. This is an excellent clip!

Natalie gives Matt a blowjob

Natalie and Matt making out in Big BrotherNatalie was obsessed with her soulmate Matt and they had a couple of romantic encounters which were captured by the nightvision cameras. The video of her giving Matt a sneaky blowjob under the covers is on the left.

Natalie nude in Big Brother 9

Nat must be very proud of her fake tits because she whips them out all the time. In the pool, getting changed, in the shower… you name it, she’s done it. And unlike the other houseguests she doesn’t bother to cover herself up. there’s even a cool video below of her pussy as she comes out of the shower.

The strangest clip is the first one, which shows her squeezing milk from her breasts and offering it to everyone to try. I found it strangely erotic…