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Bikini bodies compilation

Sexy bikini bodiesAt times like these when there’s a lull of non-nudity in the house, the best we can do is feast our eyes on some sexy bikini babes.

Watch a 6 minute video compilation of the hottest housemates lounging around in the garden wearing very little as they showcase their fine figures in some tiny bikinis.

Meg’s nipple slip as she lies in bed

Oops! A warcdrobe malfunctionHot Meg adjusts her position as she lays in bed chatting, but inadvertently slips a bit of nip when her top somehow gets pulled down.

Maybe an areola slip would be a more appropriate description as she quickly rectifies the situation, but not before we see some definite slippage.

Meg looking great in her bikini

Busty Meg looking great in the pool Sexy Meg has a fantastic rack that admirers of natural tits, like myself, fully appreciate.

Whilst she’s yet to get them out this season, there is plenty to be admired when she dons her tiny bikinis as the hot photo on the left illustrates.

Oops! An upskirt from Meg

Meg upskirtMeg remains our best bet for nudity I reckon.

She has followed up yesterday’s downblouse with a nice upskirt. She is either very comfortable being on the show or has simply forgotten there are cameras everywhere. Either way, this inelegant attempt at getting into bed with her legs akimbo, showing the nation her underwear, is a good sign.

A sexy Meg downblouse shot

Meg wardrobe malfunctionThere’s been no nudity to speak of yet in these early days Of BBUS17, but Meg came pretty close in this titillating downblouse pic. The hot blonde bent at the waist and her shirt fell forward, allowing us a peek down her top.

Hopefully more substantial nudity will follow soon, but this wardrobe malfunction will do for starters.