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Jeremy and Kaitlin have sex [VIDEO]

Kaitlin and Jeremy were filmed fucking in bed and only paused briefly when Aaryn interrupted them. When she’d gone they got back to having sex even though they both had their doubts about doing it on national TV. Kaitlin said: “It’s ok, we’re only making out” to which Jeremy replied: “Yeah, hardcore making out!” And it certainly was as the noises were unmistakenly those of heavy breathing associated with penetration. This wasn’t a kiss and a cuddle, it was definitely intercourse. Turn the volume up on the clip and hear for yourselves:

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Oops! Kaitlin shows some ass

An accidental moonAs she pulled down her shorts her panties accidentally came down too and it wasn’t until most of her beautiful butt was exposed that she realised and quickly yanked her underwear back up. Sweet cheeks Kaitlin!

Another wardrobe malfunction as Kaitlin’s nipple slips

Oops moment for KaitlinWe’ve had such great nudity during the opening days of BB and now Kaitlin joins the list of female houseguests who have accidentally revealed more than intended. The hot brunette’s nipple was pulled out from its hiding place as she tried to change into her bikini and simultaneously preserve her modesty.

Kaitlin filmed nude in the shower

Naked in the Big Brother showerAs pretty Kaitlin washed her hot body in the shower, she got a little too close to the door, meaning a camera in the top corner of the bathroom was just about able to film her bare breasts.

As you can see from the pic, it’s a long way away and therefore the resolution isn’t that great, but it’s still a legitimate moment of nudity in this skin-packed opening to the 2013 season.

Jeremy and Kaitlin make out under the covers

Jeremy and Kaitlin kissingOnly a few days in and we have our first make out session of the season — this bodes well!

Despite vowing not to do anything she’d regret in the house, Kaitlin has hooked up with Jeremy and the two of them spent some quality time together under the duvet last night. It’s unclear how far things progressed as they kept themselves pretty well hidden, but it looks and sounds as though a good time was had by all.