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Joey has a nipple slip while undressing

Wardrobe malfunction for JoeyBubbly Joey may have been unabashed when she did her naked streak on the first night, but in this clip she was desperately trying to keep her tits away from the cameras. Luckily for us, she failed.

She wrapped herself up in a towel to cover up her breasts while she took off her bra, but it gaped open at the wrong (or should that be right!) moment, causing her to give an embarrassed, rueful smile to the camera before quickly putting her nipple away. Too late Joey, we saw it!

Joey streaks on opening night — what a gal!

joey-toplessThe bubbly 27 year old stripped down to her thong and ran naked through the house last night (watch the video here), raising hopes among us voyeurs that this will be a season filled with nudity.

So that’s Amber and Joey who we’ve seen undressed already — two down, six to go and the show has barely started!