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Jessie has a pussy slip!

An oops moment for Miss KowalskiAs Jessie got dressed after taking a shower, she attempted to put on her panties with her towel still wrapped around her in an effort to keep her hairy bush from being seen. But she got it all wrong and ended up flashing a quick peek at her beaver.

Oops! Jessie’s bikini is see through when wet!

Sexy Jessie stood in the pool chatting away unaware that her nipples were clearly visible through her now-transparent swimwear. I’d say that’s a pretty major design fault, but I’m not complaining.

Jessie's see thru breasts

And here’s a Photoshopped version of the same pic just to make things a little clearer.

Jessie caught naked getting dressed

Jessie toplessPoor Jessie tried so hard to keep her tits hidden as she pulled on her dress in this clip, but unfortunately for her she didn’t manage it and those cute breasts slipped into view.

Sexy Jessie cameltoe pic

Jessie-cameltoeAs hot Jessie was relaxing in the garden in her bikini, soaking up some rays, two things became evident:

1) Her bikini bottoms are made of very thin material, thus rendering them almost transparent
2) She clearly has a shaved pussy! Click the live-feed screenshot on the left and see for yourself.