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Becky’s boob in the shower

Becky naked in the showerBecky positioned herself to close to the corner of the shower in this incident and as she washed her hair, her breast and nipple popped into view briefly before the director switched cameras. But he did it too late, because we’d already seen the good stuff. Ha, too slow you censor monkey!

Becky’s nipple pops out in bed

A wardrobe malfunction for naked BeckyAs beautiful Becky lounged about in bed wearing her bikini, it slipped to the side just enough for her nipple to pop out – you can see it in the bottom-right corner of the frame.

This is the second glimpse of Becky’s breasts that green bikini has given us so far this summer. Let’s hope she carries on wearing it even though it’s far too small for her big tits!

Bikini bodies compilation

Sexy bikini bodiesAt times like these when there’s a lull of non-nudity in the house, the best we can do is feast our eyes on some sexy bikini babes.

Watch a 6 minute video compilation of the hottest housemates lounging around in the garden wearing very little as they showcase their fine figures in some tiny bikinis.

Careless Becky slips a nip in the garden

Becky has a wardrobe malfunctionOops! Becky’s green bikini failed to do its job when her nipple slid into view as she lounged around in the garden.

The hot blonde didn’t seem to notice, but us eagle-eyed pervs sure did and you can watch the video clip of the incident here.

No nudes is bad news

Becky sexy bikini bodyWell, almost a week in and still no proper nudity from the girls in the Big Brother house. What a disappointment.

All we’ve had so far are the odd upskirt and downblouse, plus some excellent looks at the girls in their bikinis. The pic on the left of Becky looking hot in the pool only makes me more sad that we can’t see her naked.

Still, there’s a long way to go and hopefully the girls will lose their inhibitions as the show progresses.

While we’re waiting, check out the nude clips from previous seasons on our US videos page.