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Amber’s nip slip in the shower [VIDEO]

Amber really isn’t very good at hiding her private parts in the shower. This is the second time she’s accidentally exposed herself to the camera. It may only be a brief flash of her left nipple as she turns around, but it still counts.

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Amber shows a sexy cameltoe

When Amber was sunbathing in the garden in her fetching little black bikini, the cameras picked up these camel toe pics.

Oops, a cameltoe pic Amber bikini photo

Amber caught out in the shower — boobies!

I spy some nipple!Our first nudity in the house came from Amber last night as she took a shower.

The height of some of the cameras in the bathroom mean they can peek over the top of the shower door and often unsuspecting houseguests may find themselves a little too exposed, as Amber demonstrates. In the video we see her squeeze and rub her boobs as she washes herself — find it on our US Videos page.

We have nudity and the show hasn’t even started yet!

Well, this is promising. Sexy Amber Borzotra, a 26 year old model from Tennessee, has done some naked modelling assignments in the past, so will hopefully not be shy about showing some more flesh once we get underway on Wednesday. Check out these pics to whet your appetite:

Amber Borzotra nipple slip A sexy pose Nude pic of Amber