Sexy houseguests revealed for BB16!

Brittany from BB16 USAWith just two days to go until Big Brother 2014 kicks off, the houseguests have been unveiled and I’m happy that there’s a good amount of hot chicks.

My favorite is sultry looking 29 year old Brittany Martinez (pictured). The other seven females are Christine Brecht (23 years old), Paola Shea (27), Victoria Rafaeli (22), Amber Borzotra (26), Joey van Pelt (27), Jocasta Odom (33) and Nicole Franzel (21).

All of them are quite tasty, so here’s hoping we get another nude-fest season like last year and there are plenty of shower clips, oops moments and sex scenes to share. As ever, the good stuff will appear here so check in regularly folks.