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Lacey Banghard naked in the house

20 year old glamour model Lacey has just been evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. During her last few days she desperately flashed some flesh to try and stay, but it obviously failed. So here are her breast bits:

Lacey forgets her towelAfter ‘accidentally’ forgetting her towel in the lounge, Lacey had to get out of the shower all wet and tiptoe in the nude to get it in front of her stunned housemates. She hid her tits and pussy with her hands, but couldn’t keep her nipples hidden all the time as one slipped into view — oops!

Sexy celeb gets caught unawaresOn this separate occasion she was filmed in the bathroom as she reached for her towel and momentarily flashed her big boobs.

Having her breast gropedLacey lets another housemate feel her breast to see whether she thinks she had a boob job or not.