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Jen’s bra pops off and reveals her breasts!

Jen nude in Big BrotherAs Jen reaches up to get something out of the cupboard, her bikini top pops open and falls down, momentarily showing everybody her tits. She gets extremely embarrassed and giggles as she covers herself up before leaving to fix her clothing. Oops!

Jameka shows her boobs as she changes

Jameka nude in BB8God-fearing black girl Jameka turned down $10,000 during the show (what an idiot!) but at least did something right when she undressed without trying to cover herself up, thus allowing us a look at her cute breasts.

Amber gives us a full frontal shot

Controversial houseguest Amber made waves with her crying and uttering a racist remark. However, the divorced mother of one (previously known as Amber Tomcavage) also livened up proceedings by being one of the few people who gave us any nudity, including a look at her pussy as she dried off after a shower. So for that Amber, we salute you.