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Michelle suffers wardrobe malfunctions in the house

Cute blonde Michelle was only 19 during her big Brother appearance and the naive teen wasn’t very good at keeping her modesty intact. In the three clips below her tits can be seen down her blouse as she washes up, she has a nipple slip while getting changed and finally her breasts are filmed over the top of the shower cubicle by a sneaky cameraman.

Jun’s breast falls out as she suntans

South Korean babe Jun wasn’t the most popular houseguest in 2003 but she won anyhow. She treated fans to a few glimpses of her small breasts and ass in the shower and was famously caught unawares when her bikini slipped down as she suntanned, revealing her right tit complete with tanlines. Oops!

Amanda and David have sex!

Amanda and David have sex in Big BrotherThis cute couple became the first US contestants to ever have sex inside the house when they fucked in the Head of Household room.

It didn’t help them much though as Amanda was evicted soon afterwards in 12th place and David came 10th.