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Check out Chanelle’s perfect arse

Pretty teen Chanelle accidentally showed her yummy bum a couple of times inside the house as you will see from the clips below. Her on-off-on-off relationship with Ziggy may have attracted most of the attention, but all red-blooded males’ eyes were fixated on that perfect butt — I know mine were.



Exhibitionist Shanessa lets it all hang out

Shanessa Reilly nude on Big BrotherDespite not having the best body in the world, chatterbox Shanessa couldn’t care less as she got changed into her bikini and left her saggy breasts on show for ages in this clip.

Unbelievably, she worked as a stripper in the real world! They may not be everyone’s cup of tea I guess, but boobs are boobs.

Amy shows why she’s a glamour model

Amy entered the house late and made a beeline straight for Liam, getting nude as often as possible to try and seduce him. It worked too as the sight of her huge natural breasts wore down his resistance and they fooled around under the covers a couple of times.

Check out her topless moments below: