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Narinder shows boob as she takes off her bra

Indian girl Narinder didn’t last long in the house as the viewers didn’t take to this busty beauty from Leicester. During her short stay she managed to look hot in a bikini on many occasions and accidentally showed her breasts when she took off her bra having forgotten there were cameras everywhere. When she remembered she put her hands across her chest and gasped, but it was too late — oops!

Topless Helen shows her big pale arse

Dumb blonde Helen had a pretty face and big tits, but there wasn’t much going on upstairs. Still, it didn’t stop fellow housemate Paul Clarke falling for her in a romance that captivated the BB fans. They enjoyed a five year relationship after leaving the house, eventually splitting up in the summer of 2006.

The Welsh hairdresser revealed everything including her pussy in the bath, her huge breasts after a shower and her juicy bum too.


Lusty Liz shows her little tits

Elizabeth was loved by her fellow housemates and loathed by the public. She was booted out at the first opportunity, which wasn’t right until the end because nobody ever nominated her. At least whilst inside the house she did the decent thing and paraded around in the nude a lot.

Watch all her videos below. The first one is her audition tape which she sent to the producers and shows her stripping off on the beach and running into the sea!

Amma kisses Elizabeth in the tub

Amma and Elizabeth snoggingHot black girl Amma got very drunk and puckered up to Elizabeth as they shared a bath together. This is the stuff of fantasies lads.