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Naughty Nicola gets her kit off

Shaven-headed bisexual Nicola was no wallflower in the house, whipping off her clothes at every opportunity. She had naked showers with Craig, a lesbian kiss with hot blonde Sada and showed everything to the cameras. So it’s no surprise to learn that before she entered the house she did a hardcore porn movie (which you can watch in full below).

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Exhibitionist Melanie shows everything often!

Pretty black girl Melanie was probably the hottest babe in the house for the first series of Big Brother. She was certainly not shy as she did plenty of full frontal nudity and enthusiastically partook in all the risque tasks like bodypainting. She also had a couple of romances, snogging both Andy and Tom, and her duplicity counted against her as the viewers voted her out.

Here are all her videos:

Claire’s oops moment

Claire's breast slips outBusty Claire was a late entrant to the house. In this clip she lets her big tits hang out as she changes into her bikini.

Anna showers nude

Anna in the showerCute lesbian Anna is caught showering by the cameras.