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Big Brother Africa 2013 nude shower video

Sexy Fatima is filmed taking a shower in this awesome clip on Day 11 of BB Africa (also known as ‘The Chase’):

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BB Africa’s Annabel shows her big tits

Annabel naked in BB AfricaI like Big Brother Africa because it doesn’t try to hide the fact that the major attraction of the show for many people is the opportunity to see housemates naked. In fact, BB Africa 2013 producers have introduced ‘Shower Hour’ whereby viewers who pay an additional ‘pay per view’ fee can shamelessly watch the contestants in the shower. How brilliant!

This has led to prudish critics slamming the show as nothing more than porn, which seems a little harsh — cheap voyeurism is surely nearer the mark.

Anyway, here’s a pic of Kenyan student and fashion designer Annabel washing her huge natural breasts. Something tells me this hot black babe is a major star of Shower Hour.

Tatiana washes her soapy breasts in the shower

Sexy Angolan model Tatiana is a spoilsport because she has a shower with her panties on, but the sight of her rubbing her pert tits and taking a sponge to her pussy more than makes up for it.


Big Brother Africa nude videos

There has been a lot of nudity in the seven series set in Johannesburg so far. Here are the best clips featuring some very sexy ladies shunning their clothes inside the house as they undress and shower: