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Katrina shows her tiny tits and pussy

Slim secretary Katrina never tried to cover up when she took a shower or dried herself off afterwards.


Sahra gets naked in the bathroom

Viewers were treated to a couple of excellent peeks at actress Sahra’s breasts when she showered without her bikini as you will see below.


Shannon shows her pussy!

Hot blonde Shannon takes off her bikini bottoms in this clip, allowing us a quick look at her shaved pussy. You wouldn’t think she had once been anorexic as she had a great body.



Mirabai shows her small breasts in the bathroom

Pretty young musician Mirabai stands topless in fron of the mirror, allowing her tiny boobs to be filmed.



Jess filmed fully naked in the shower

The following videos show Jess’ pussy, tits and ass as she takes various showers during her time in the house. While other female housemates showered in their bikinis, Jess had no qualms about letting everything hang out in front of the cameras.